My name is Brittany Swank and I am a 24 year old physical therapy student living in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I was diagnosed with Stage II Hodgkins Lymphoma on January 25, 2012.  Although the next six months of my life will be dedicated to getting healthy, I realize that this is only a roadblock. I believe that God that will see me through each day. I have been blessed with a very loving family and a great support group of friends that I am so thankful for.

I am currently in my last semester of physical therapy school and have spent the past 6 months living in OKC doing my clinical rotations. While I am enjoying my clinical rotations, I am not enjoying being away from my family or Will (my boyfriend) who all live in Stillwater. Ever since the recent diagnosis, I am staying with my parents in Stillwater and commuting to OKC for doctors appointments and clinical rotations. I will be receiving chemotherapy for the next 6 months at Mercy Hospital in OKC.

I decided to start a blog so that my family and friends could join me on this journey in beating cancer. I also want others who are diagnosed with this type of cancer to be able to know what to expect. I was fortunate to have a friend who recently finished treatment for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and following her blog has helped me so much in knowing what to expect in the upcoming months. Lastly, I want to reach out to anyone who is going through something in their life that seems hard to handle. I couldn’t have done this without my faith in God. I want everyone to know that when life gets tough, God will always be there to pick you up.

I ask for your continued prayers as I move toward the goal of beating cancer. I trust that God is in control and through all of this his plan will be accomplished. I am going to continue with school if my health allows and hope to graduate in May of this year. Thanks for your love and support during this time. Hope you enjoy all that this blog has to offer.

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  1. BRITTANY, we just learned of your recent diagnosis & will be praying for your speedy recovery. You will best this. We love you.

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