My Beth Moore bible study this week was called “Keep Believin’.” It started out talking about faith that abounds and gave the scripture Psalm 145:13 which states “The Lord is faithful to all His promises and loving toward all He has made.” This means a lot to me because He has been faithful to me through all of this and I know He will be faithful to me after this as well. He has definitely taught me that I have to trust Him through all aspects of my life because He is the only one in control. While at times, I tend to worry about what is ahead of me in my life, I have to trust that He already knows and it will be perfect.

The next part of the study talked about all the people in the bible that were 100% faithful to God. A lot of them I was already familiar with such as Enoch, Abel, Noah, Moses, and Abraham. The faith they possessed was incredible. The study talked about how it is important to base our faith on who God is and not what He has or hasn’t done for us. It states how faith comes from listening to Him and being involved in His word.

The fourth day’s lesson was called “Fight the Good Fight.” I really loved this lesson because it talked about how Jesus could do few miracles in His own town because of the people’s lack of faith. It taught how Satan uses fear and familiarity against us. Before I had cancer, I always thought it was hard for me to witness to others because my story wasn’t very unique. I have been a Christian since I was 7, grew up in church, and was familiar with all the common bible studies. Satan used that against me and made me timid in sharing God’s word. Satan also uses our fear against us because we often times don’t witness to others in fear of rejection.

The last day of this study was about how Christ has promised us of His return. If we only believe in Him, then He will take us with Him to the place which He has prepared for us. How awesome is that?! I have known this since I was little but was unsure of where the scriptural reference was until now. If you are like me and don’t know where to find this, check it out in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. The most amazing part of it all is that we just have to believe in Him. It doesn’t matter what our past looks like or if we have had moments of disbelief, He will still remain faithful to us. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for that day!

I hope you enjoyed learning about God’s faithfulness as much as I did. He has been oh so good to me and I just couldn’t not share this wonderful message with you. This week I found another girl my age who is battling cancer in Colorado. She is the sister of a friend of mine from college. I am planning on writing her an email soon because her blog has been so encouraging to me and I didn’t even know she existed until this week. Just another example of how awesome God is! šŸ™‚

This past weekend we celebrated Father’s Day. On Saturday, Will’s family had a cookout at his parent’s house and it was a fun afternoon full of food, water games, and laughter. Sunday, my family went to OKC to play golf, eat lunch, and do a little shopping to celebrate our wonderful dad! That evening, we had dinner with our wonderful neighbors the Varnell’s! I have the greatest dad in the world! I hope everyone else had a wonderful father’s day weekend as well!

Tomorrow is my second to last round of chemotherapy. While I am really dreading being ill again, I am also very ready to be down to only 1 left. I have written down several questions to ask the doctor so lets hope I don’t overwhelm him. It’s crazy to think that it’s almost over. Just two weeks left! Thanks for all your support and continued prayers. I am really looking forward to the end of all of this and now that is very near! šŸ™‚

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  1. Hey Miss Brittany! I just love your post as I feel like I have been in an on-line bible study šŸ™‚ I am so happy for you in that only 2 treatments left! Thanks once again for all your inspiration while going through a very difficult time in your life. What an example you are! Love you girl!

  2. Hey Britts- Wow, you have done such a great job! I am so proud of you! Two more! I hope all goes well tomorrow. We will be praying for you continually. We love you so much! Hollie

  3. Thanks again for sharing, Brittany. I am amazed with your faith & courage. I think your blog is a wonderful testimony and reminds me that God is indeed always with us. Sometimes he speaks to us in a whisper and sometimes has to get in our face before we will listen, but is always there. Please say hello to your parents & sweet Caroline for me. You’re almost there!

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