Daily Archives: May 29, 2012

Simply Blessed


So I had another round of chemotherapy and a doctor’s appointment last week and I would have written a post sooner to update you guys but I just haven’t recovered as well this round. The fatigue has been pretty bad but along with the fatigue, I have had a headache, jaw pain, nausea and muscle soreness off and on. However, I started feeling a little better yesterday and was able to get out and do some stuff which I will tell ya about in a bit. First things first, my doctors appointment went really well. My doctor said that my heart test came back completely normal. For those of you who know medical terminology, my ejection fraction (which is the blood pumped out of your heart with every beat) was 66% and the norm for this is between 50-75%. I don’t know as much about my lung test. Not sure if I just can’t remember or if he didn’t tell me the name of the number he gave me but basically the number was 101 before I started chemo and now it is down to 82. Dr. Armor said that he wasn’t concerned as long as the number wasn’t below 75. I asked if we would have to do this test again after I am completely finished with chemo and he said we shouldn’t have to. I trust him completely so I’m not going to worry about it! God is so good and once again has answered my prayers!

Chemotherapy went pretty well this week. Sadly, my nurse Julie, who I have had for all my other treatments except 1 moved to California and I was unable to tell her goodbye in person. However, she called me on the phone the night before and we had such an encouraging conversation. I am so thankful for people like her. She is so dedicated to treating patients who have cancer and she is definitely a special person. I feel blessed to have gotten to know her so well and wish her the best of luck in the future. I had another awesome nurse this week who has recently gone through chemotherapy herself so she knows exactly what I’m going through. I greatly admire the fact that even after going through chemo, she can still give it to other people who need it. That says a lot about her character because even hearing the name chemo makes me want to vomit after going through it. Luckily, I didn’t get sick during my treatment this time. However, I did get sick later that afternoon when trying to take some nausea medicine. I think at this point it’s just inevitable.

Nanny left for the week on Thursday which always makes me sad. Luckily, I had my wonderful sister, Will’s mom and Will who all took shifts taking care of me for the day while my parents took her home. 🙂 I didn’t do a lot on Thursday or Friday due to extreme fatigue and nausea. Saturday, I was able to go lay under my umbrella at the neighbor’s pool for the first time this summer and that was really nice. Saturday night I had an awful headache which didn’t allow me to do much. Sunday, I started feeling a little better and was able to go to sit at the pool again with some of Will’s nieces and nephews. That was a lot of fun! Yesterday was probably my best day since my last treatment. Although I still didn’t have a ton of energy, I was able to go with my family to the outlet mall in OKC. I have the best parents in the world! We got there early enough to beat the crowd, had a great lunch outside, and shopped a bit, taking breaks when I needed them. That afternoon I went to the pool with Will and my friend Emily. Yesterday evening was so much fun as well! Will grilled out for the first time this summer and we had the best steak and chicken with french fries and marshmallow fruit salad. We just relaxed, watched some  TV, and even listened to the rain from the sun room! It was a perfect day! I am so greatly blessed with such wonderful people in my life!

I was kind of worried about how this week would go since Nanny was going to be gone until next weekend. However, last week my neighbor’s daughter Lindsay texted me and said that her and her family would be coming to town for the week and would love to “babysit” me! 🙂 I don’t get to spend time with them very often so that worked out perfectly! God just works everything out for the good all the time. I spent today with my sister and then plan on spending some time with them and their adorable little girl the next couple of days. Once again, how lucky am I?!

This next weekend is going to be a very busy one! My cousin, who is 11 months older than me, is getting married!! She is going to be a beautiful bride and I can’t wait to celebrate with her. Thankfully it is on my “good” weekend so hopefully I will have a lot of energy! 🙂 I am looking very forward to seeing my family and many friends this weekend. We have the bridal luncheon and rehearsal dinner on Friday and then the wedding Saturday evening. Sunday, we will be bringing Nanny home with us again! Maybe this time I can hold her hostage because I don’t know how I’m ever going to handle her leaving for good in a little over a month now. 🙂

Have you ever heard the saying “God is good all the time, and all the time God is good?” Well I can tell you firsthand that it is so true. He has been so faithful to me through all of this and he deserves so much praise! Even though I stated how this time has been a little rough and I haven’t recovered as well, he still provided me happiness. The weather has been so nice and even when I feel like doing nothing, I can still sit out on the deck and enjoy the weather. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. I only have 3 treatments left and it’s hard to believe that it will all be over in a little over a month now. I can hardly wait!!