Praise be to GOD!


As many of you are aware, I had a PET scan on Monday and was given the results yesterday. I am not going to lie, I was probably more nervous for those results than I ever have been in my entire life. My Jesus Calling devotion the night before talked about how this is a time in my life where I need to let go and give God complete control. It also stated how He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. This was precious to me because someone very close to me had finished her battle with cancer and has been cancer free for a year now. After her yearly PET scan being clean, her daughter quoted this very scripture saying “Jesus Christ is the same same yesterday, today, and forever.” This is so very true because he was with her through her fight and I know he has been with me through mine. He showed up yesterday and I have hope that He will continue to show up throughout.

I also read from another devotion book Tuesday night about having faith strong enough to move mountains. It told a story about concentration came survivor Corrie ten Boom and how she relied on her faith even while she was in imprisonment and her four family members had died in Nazi death camps. She stated “there is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still.” I was given a peace on Tuesday night that took all anxieties away. I had given it all up to God and knew that whatever the results would show on Wednesday that God was still on my side and this was all a part of His plan.

A friend of mine met me for lunch last week and shared with me about the new Life Church series called “Why?” She told me I should get online and watch the first lesson of the series and it was awesome. It was called “Why do I not always feel God’s presence?” I watched it Tuesday afternoon and it gave me a lot of inspiration. It talked about the different reasons that people do not feel His presence and I would have to say my biggest reason is just downright being distracted by other unimportant things. It also gave three ways you can feel God’s presence which included: 1) You will find God when you seek God- Jeremiah 29:13. 2) You can do life with God’s presence- John 14:16. 3) You can experience God NOW- Acts 17:27. I purposely did not write out these verses so you all can get into your bible and look them up yourself. πŸ™‚

Okay now for the big news that you have all been waiting for! The doctor cleared me to get a massage!!! Sorry that wasn’t the big news but it is true and I’m very excited about it! The big news is that the doctor went over my PET scan with us yesterday and compared it to my PET scan two months ago. He could not see any of the cancer remaining from that which was there earlier. He did see some residual scarring which he said was just the cancer dying but that was nothing to worry about. He told my family that he was happy for us and the way I was progressing. This means that I will just continue on with chemotherapy as planned and not have to do radiation for the time being. God deserves all the glory in this because soooo many prayers were answered!! He is so good ALL TIME TIME!

Chemotherapy didn’t seem to be as bad yesterday. However, I have been really tired and wore out even today. I am not sure how anyone could work through something like this. I have basically laid around and watched movies today which isn’t good for my mind. Hopefully tomorrow I will have more energy and be able to get back to my normal schedule. My family and I met my aunt and uncle in Branson last weekend to stay at some cabins and that was a lot of fun. Although we didn’t do a whole lot, we had a good time just hanging out at the cabin playing games and watching movies. They are so special to me and I’m so lucky to have them in my life.

This coming weekend is Will’s daughter Ashlei’s birthday! I am really excited about it because I have been doing all that I can to make it fun for her and still be there! We are planning on having it at a park so that I can still watch the kids play but not have to do a lot either. It will be so fun to get to see the kids interact because I have not gotten to be around them much since this all started. It is going to be Lego’s theme and I think we have a lot of fun things in store. She also has a couple soccer games this weekend which I am looking forward to hopefully making one of those as well. She is quite the little athlete!

Once again, I greatly appreciate the prayers you have sent up for me! You have no idea how much they mean to me, especially at a time like this. I am so fortunate to have such wonderful family and friends who I know would do anything they could for me. I have learned so much throughout this experience and I can’t wait to share my entire testimony someday. God really does deserve all the praise! He has been so good to me! I still struggle with doing things to keep my days full but other than that I am enjoying seeing old friends and getting some rest. Please keep up the prayers, they really make a difference!


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  1. Praise the Lord!!!!! Brittany you are such an amazing lil gal. If, I ever have to endure what you are going through, I hope and pray I can have just 1/2 the strength and determination you have. God IS good, not just part the time but, ALL the time. Have yourself a wonderful week and always know you have friends and family pulling for you πŸ™‚

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