Cancer is like a Rollercoaster


I know it has been awhile since I have written a post so I apologize. A lot has went on since the last time I wrote so this may be a long one. Wednesday night and Thursday I had really bad stomach pains. I had taken medicine and nothing seemed to work so by Thursday evening we called Dr. Evans, my family doctor, and went to meet him at the hospital. He listened to my stomach with his stethoscope and pushed around a bit. After doing this he explained to us that he wanted to draw blood to see if I might have pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas). He said that when you are taking a lot of medications at once there is a chance that it could harm your pancreas. We did the blood tests, he told me to go home and take a pain pill and go to bed, and then I was to call him the next morning.

I took the pain pill which helped me relax and go to sleep and then woke up at 5:30 the next morning. I thought I was hungry so I ate some toast but that didn’t seem to make my stomach feel any better. I called Dr. Evans around 7a.m. and he reported that my blood tests came back normal. When I explained to him that my stomach was still bothering me some, he said that I may have an ulcer. He told me to take a specific medication once every 12 hours and let him know if it didn’t start to get better. Well thankfully it continued to get a little better over the course of the next few days because I had a big weekend planned with my cousins coming. However, I just want to say that Dr. Evans is the best doctor around. He has been a godsend to us during all of this. I don’t know many doctors that would do all he has done for us but I am so thankful for him.

It seems like with cancer, if its not one thing bothering you, its another. No one ever tells you how it’s really going to be but it has definitley been like a rollercoaster ride. I may have one good day but it never seems to last. Most of the time it is followed with a bad day. Anyways, enough of the complaining!

My cousins arrived on Friday afternoon and we all sat at the kitchen table talking for a long time. We were so excited to see each other! I showed them my wigs and scarves and we reminisced about old times. We stayed around the house on Friday evening since I still wasn’t feeling 100% and Nanny fixed us a good meal. On Saturday morning, I felt a little fatigued and my cousins started in with the spoiling. Hollie washed my hair, Ivy dried my hair and put my make-up on, and Chasity was there to get me anything I needed. We went to see the movie “The Vow” that afternoon and then had a good meal at home Saturday evening. We played games, watched You Tube videos, talked, and did a lot of laughing that evening! Sunday morning we got up and went to church and then they left to head for home. I was sad to see them go but so thankful for the time we had together. I am so lucky to have such wonderful cousins. God truly blessed me!

Sunday was the first day since my chemotherapy that I have felt close to my normal self. I got up and got ready for church just like I always used to and we even stayed for Sunday School after church. I did some shopping that afternoon and then Will and I fixed dinner together. That evening we went and had ice cream with our really good friends Brian and Emily and watched the Grammy’s. All in all, it was a great day, and I didn’t get too tired.

Today has been a big day! It is my boyfriend Will’s birthday! Thankfully, I am feeling good again today and have been able to get a lot done. My friend Emily came out this afternoon and helped me bake Will a cake and decorate cards. That was a lot of fun! Tonight, we are going to dinner with Will’s family for his birthday and then having cake and ice cream. Although Will doesn’t really like to celebrate his birthday, I love being able to show him how much we appreciate him and spoil him just for the day!

I am excited for tomorrow because it is Valentines Day! Hopefully I will continue to feel better tomorrow because Will and I have plans to go to lunch since all the restaurants are usually busy on Valentines night and it’s best if I avoid large groups of people. I am also looking forward to tomorrow because Will’s sister-in-law Jodi is bringing her hair dresser from Tulsa to my house to give me a cute short hair cut before my hair begins to fall out. Then tomorrow night I am hoping to just stay in with Will and watch a movie! I love Valentines Day!

I am so thankful that God has helped me feel better the last couple days so that I am able to do more. It is nice to feel like myself and be able to “forget” every once in awhile that I have cancer. The last couple of weeks have truly been a rollercoaster. I am really not looking forward to Wednesday because in my mind it means all of this yucky stuff will start all over again. However, I know that God is going to take care of me and provide for me. We are going to try to get all these medications figured out and hopefully I will feel better sooner this time around. I ask that you continue to pray, especially Wednesday, that the chemo will kill the cancer but not make me feel as awful as it did last time. I am so thankful for the relationship I have with God because I can truly feel that he is with me all the time. Happy Valentines Day to everyone tomorrow!

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  1. I am so glad you were able to enjoy last weekend with us coming to visit you! I enjoyed a relaxing but fun filled weekend of laughter!! I look up to you so much and can’t tell you how proud I am to see you staying so strong. I have and will continue to wear my braclets. When I look at them it makes me feel close to you. I love you so much and will be here for you every step of the way.


  2. Happy Birthday to Will. Happy Valentines Day to you both. Prayers that chemo will go as good as it can this week. Terry Wagner

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