God Answers Prayers


As many of you know, I am about 14 weeks short of being a physical therapy school graduate. When all of this started, I was still very determined to finish school and graduate in May. Well God obviously had other plans for me right now. With being pretty sick last week after my chemotherapy, there was just no way I could continue on with my clinical rotation every day.

When we saw Dr. Armor last week before my chemo, he had written a letter to Langston saying that if I was going to complete my clinicals this semester I had to be in an outpatient setting. Well the school curriculum says that you have to do one acute care rotation, one neuro rehab rotation, one outpatient rotation, and one rotation in a rural setting. As of right now, I have completed a neuro rehab, an outpatient, and a rural rotation. Therefore, all I have left is an acute care rotation and this could not be changed to outpatient.

After many discussions with the Dean of my school, we came to the conclusion that it would be best for her to give me an incomplete for the semester, let me walk with my class in May, and then continue my last clinical when this is all over (probably September). My goal is to still finish everything by the end of this year. I have looked forward to 2012 for so long due to accomplishing this goal of mine and I still want to make that happen.

Today has been my best day yet as far as feeling good goes. I slept in a little bit, didn’t take any medications, and didn’t even take a nap this afternoon. I can’t say that I feel 100% because I have come to the realization that that is probably not going to happen until these 6 months are over. However, when I feel good enough to do more than lay around all day, it is a good day! 🙂

We went down to my apartment in OKC this afternoon and moved my stuff back home. This made me very sad because I had a wonderful roommate who is a dear sorority sister of mine. I felt so bad to leave her there because we had such a good time living together! It is also kind of hard to move back home for the second time at my age. However, I can’t complain because I have wonderful parents and I couldn’t do it without them right now.

Nanny has been keeping me busy here at home. She is very good at taking my vital signs every morning, afternoon, and evening. We also try to take a walk every day. She is making me eat something every two hours which sometimes is difficult when you don’t feel good. However, she has fixed the best meals for me! I love having her here and may not let her go home!

My cousins are coming this weekend and I am so excited! I am not sure what we are going to do but I am sure it will be a good time no matter what. We have been so close ever since we were little and when they found out about what was going on with me, they couldn’t wait to get down here. I love them all so much!

God is still good and deserves all the glory! I prayed this morning that I could just have one full day of feeling alright and He gave me just that. I already feel like I have grown closer to Him. My mom and I are doing a Beth Moore bible study that we started Monday night and I know He has big things in store for me. I can’t wait to share them with all of you! Keep on praying…He is listening!!

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  1. Brittany! You’re so amazing… And God is so good! I can’t wait to see what he has in store for you either. Time flies! 6 months will be over before you know it! Thank you for keeping us posted. Love you!

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